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Quincy's Best!

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A wise woman once asked, “What will this community actually be used for?”
To speak truth, not know, do I. But in these uncertain times, one thing is ...certain- this community is for those of us who have Quincy in our blood, but happen not to suck.

How can you tell whether or not you suck? Take this simple test!
How often do you put your own poetry or “songs” onto your journal? The more often you do this, the less likely it is you should be here.

And what to post? Anything! Like.... You figure it out.
What not to post? If it breaks the law or something, don’t post it. Other than that, go crazy.

I look at this group as a science project of sorts. Just how many people from Quincy, not only have one of these Live Journals, but also are willing to join a group that lists “art fag shit” as an interest? Time will tell.

Enjoy, suckers!
art fag shit, attention, baron samedi, batman, being condescending, being generally hostile, being smart, being wonderful, bickford’s, boston, cliques, cronies, dairy freeze, dare, degrassi, fucking, fuga, going places, granite quarrying, heritage, ih8q, john quincy adams, loving the chinamen, lupus, mean cliques, mix cds, monster squad, mr. harris, nature keepers, not being queer, not sucking, nqhs, officer bob, pajamas, plebeians, qhs, quincy, r.l. stein, raise the curtin, reading big books, respecting the chinamen, roullard's, ruth gordon, secretly hating myself, sheacide, ship building, station wagons, steven, street cred, teasing those below me, the buddy system, the modern lovers, the pixies, the streets, the summer institute, the third of july, troll 2, willy, xdunkindonutzx